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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Summer has found us here in Reedley! It has been between the high 90's and 105 over the past week! Today we are seeing the beginning of a "cooling trend" as my sweet Auntie Mike would say. But I am not complaining. We are blessed to have a beautiful home and a fabulous swimming pool to cool off in. Yesterday, Matt surprised us with an inflatable water slide that drops the kids into the pool. The kids had a blast! They were overheard saying, "Woo hoo!" and "Awesome Dad!" I even tried it once, but I didn't slide very fast - hmmm... maybe I am over the weight limit.

Anyway, last week I went to UCSF to see some Neurologists and see if they could explain why I was having headaches. Basically, they could not. The doctor recommended that I treat the pain with migraine-type medication, get some more MRI's taken and then return in 6 weeks or so to meet with an MS doctor. He was not really saying I have migraines or MS, but since there is some white matter scattered across my brain, they need to figure out why. Apparently doctors who treat MS patients have more knowledge of white matter changes than neurologists do. So... that is where I stand with that. Thanks so much for all of the phone calls and emails. I feel blessed to have a great family and so many friends who are just like family praying for me.

Speaking of family, my mom joined me on the adventure to San Francisco and we had a lot of fun (and spent a lot of money!) Everything is expensive there and we even had to pay $20.00 just to park at the doctor's office. Nevertheless, it was worth it just to hang out with my mom and have "girl time." Again, I am so blessed! Thanks mom!

Tonight we have a swim meet up in the mountains. Both girls swim for the Reedley Marlins Swim Team and are having a great year. They have improved their times, won lots of ribbons, and most importantly are having fun! Even Daniel wants to be a Marlin. He decided yesterday that he was no longer going to swim with the floaty bathing suit and instead swim in his shorts, just like his dad. And he did! We can now officially say that Daniel can swim all on his own. He was so proud if his accomplishment. Emily was too. In fact, she was so excited that she wanted to teach him the backstroke already!

Wow! My babies are growing up so fast. I can hardly believe it. But it reminds me to cherish every moment I have with them and to live as if there were no tomorrow.

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  1. I love staying caught up like this! Sorry you didn't get more answers about your headaches. You are still in my prayers. We started swim lessons this week - you can tell your girls that Megan swam the length of Grandpa's pool, freestyle and side breathing all on her own! She was so proud to be just like "Emily and Katie!"



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