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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fabulous Fun Making Fondant

My darling daughters, Emily and katelyn, have been bugging me for weeks to make fondant
 (or "Fon dant" as Emily says). They LOVE watching food shows, especially Cake Boss, Cup Cake Wars and The Next Great Baker. 
So...I finally gave in and we had two days of baking an fondant making. We used the recipe for Marshmallow Fondant from and followed the pictures at What's Cooking America.
Just a few ingredients needed:
Easy to make-not so easy to roll out for little hands
They all made their own creations
Daniel made a space ship (turn head to the rt and you will see it)
Katelyn did a fab job on her flowers!
Emily got creative with a braided border, dragon fly, flowers and more.
This might just become our favorite rainy day activity :)


  1. What fun! My Audrey would looooove this. I think I need to check this out. Thanks for sharing! happy new Year!

  2. How cute! I would never think to make this stuff- but cooking is not my strong suit! :p

  3. Hi. I am your newest follower. Thanks for hopping over to I love the fondant making activity. When my son is old enough, I hope I can do this with him. Thank you for sharing this. If you would like to do more blog hops, there are several blogs that host it. You can do one for practically every day of the week. I have a page on my blog that lists blog hops, Twitter and Facebook hops too.

  4. Wow, you guys.... I'm very impressed with the great job you did with the fondant! You guys are so creative and awesome! Love you, Grandma Jill :)

  5. Thanks Lauren-there really was no cooking involved :)
    And yes I will be hopping into some blog hops soon.
    Thanks Grandma Jill. Love you lots.



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