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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Temporarily missing in action.

If there were a grade for blogging, I would probably be receiving an "F" right now! It's not that I don't have anything to say or pictures to show to my five faithful followers (Mom, Christine, Erin, Jeremy, and Mallory), but the last few weeks have been crazier than ever!

Most importantly, I have been missing in action because Matt's Grandpa, Papa Earl as our children call him, passed away on September 5th. And even though he lived to the age of 92, we were a bit shocked that he passed away. He always reminded us that he was "not old" and in many ways, he wasn't. We miss you lots Papa and are greatful to know that you are watching over us from heaven. Love you xoxoxoxo

Matt and his Grandpa - Fishing at Pine Flat - July 1980

We have also been busy just hanging out together as a family (and counting our many blessings). Here is a quick update in pictures of what the Peters' have been up to the last month.

These are a few of my favorite things...
Playing in the pool with my family

Seeing my children have fun

Celebrating Milestones with my family

For Emily's 9th birthday, we had a Tie Dye/Sleepover Party. Who knew making tie dye shirts could be so much fun? The kids had a blast and the shirts came out fabulous (I will have to add pics of the finished product). Later in the evening the girls had a talent show and decided to dress up Daniel. See if you can figure out which one is him. Hint: If you are having an E.T. flashback, you've found daniel :)

The next day, we spent the day as a family, celebrating Emily's Birthday on our boat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So-Long Summer...

Well, the first day of school finally arrived. You can see that at least two of our children were happy to start the day! Daniel was upset because he could not walk to school (His school is at least 6 blocks away!!!)
Katelyn and Ethan Milton waiting for their teacher to arrive. These two have been buds since Kindergarden - they have been in the same class every year and have played on the same soccer team the last few years as well!
This past Tursday we decided to sign Daniel up for soccer. Even though we had our reservations about him being a bit young we took him to his first practice. Our friends are coaching the team and encouraged us to join their team. Their daughter Serena and another boy from Daniel's class are both the same age as Daniel and are both on the team. So, we'll see...
Daniel didn't like that another boy took the ball away from him. This could pose a problem.Thankfully he got back out there and joined his friends.
He is pretty good when he focuses on the ball.
We will keep you posted!

Catching up since August 1st!

It's been exactly three weeks and two days since I have posted. I know this because 2 of the 5 people who look at this blog have been reminding me that "there is nothing new!" Sorry. I guess I didn't realize that anyone was following along :)
So let's see if I can recap in words and pictures why I have been absent. The last time I posted Matt and I were preparing to go on a mini vacation. The night before we left, the kids had a "vacation" of their own!!!

Camping in the living room has never been so much fun!

Although the "camping" looks like a lot of fun, Matt and I opted for something a bit more comfortable for our mini vacation. We headed to the coast for our 10th Anniversary. We had a great time in Pismo just doing whatever, not worrying about schedules, children, etc. It was just what we needed.

Here's where we stayed-a home on the edge of the cliff (literally!)

that Matt's family has been renting for the past 20 or so years.

New things for the end of summer:

Short hair for all three girls!!!

And a new boat for all!!!

The pups watching us clean the boat and keeping the neighborhood safe :)

We decided to take the boat out a day after we bought it and join some of Matt's friends from the fire department at Millerton Lake. We had a great day; except that our new boat only lasted about 2 hours in the water! Apparently there was a seal that wasn't "sealed" and a bilge pump that didn't work! Hmmm... anyone think maybe we should have taken a test drive? Thankfully we didn't sink and we were able to jump on our friend's boats. Here are some of the photos from the day.

Jeremy against the kids... I think the kids won!

More photos to come...

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

On Saturday, August 1, 1998 Matt and I became husband and wife. Today we celebrate 10 years of marriage. We owe all that we are and all that we have to God. Without Him, we are nothing. It hasn't always been easy, but I wouldn't change a thing (o.k., maybe one or two things). Seriously though, it's through the struggles and challenges that we were able to grow and become who we are today. We know that God is not through with us yet and we look forward to all that He has to teach us in the future.

Look below and be sure to read the titles by putting your mouse over the picture. We hope you enjoy this quick peek at our wedding day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Princesses, Rock Stars, and Fairies

While I was busy in the kitchen the other night, here is what my children were doing :)

Here is Gina, Katelyn, and Emily, otherwise know as
the Super Girls Rock Band!

Katelyn is pretty in pink :)

Gina too!

Emily has a style all her own :)

Of course, then Daniel had to get into the action.

Then on Saturday, July 26th, at her cousin Gaven's
Birthday party, Katelyn lost her first tooth!!!
And we were visited by the "Tooth Fairy"

And then we had Rock Star - Take 2!!!

Not to be out-done by The Hannah Montana-Myley Cyrus
Best of Both Worlds concert in 3D!

Katelyn, Emily P, Emily M, and Daniel pose with their
cool 3D glasses!

Emily and Emily

It didn't last too long. After a few minutes they

were bored and wanted to watch Transformers!!!


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