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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I found another amazing blog. I have been stalking her since 2am. OK not every minute since then, but really you have to go and see for yourself at Ruffles and Stuff

Her name is Disney. really it is. But you will have to go to her site and read more. She is so stinkin cute! So is her little girl (model of all that's supper fabulous for children)
I came across her Ruffles (and up-cycled) T-Shirt Scarf and couldn't resist making my own. 
Go here  and see her darling scarf for her daughter.

Here is mine :)
 Here is my lil Katelyn using my scraps to make a head band.
 Look what a great job she did!!! She is a much better model than me!

Beautiful girl :)

Thanks Disney for the tutorial! Katelyn and I had a fun time :)
If/when I get permission, I will post a tutorial here for you all to see. I did a different bottom that I thought would be fun :)
Have a good night!

February Pictures!

It has been a very busy month. School prep has kept me too busy to blog :(
So here are a few shots of what we have been up to. Have a blessed Sunday!
I made this wall vignette and think it came out rather well. What do you think?

 And...I have been using my chalkboard a lot more!

I am so proud of Daniel!!! The character of the month was Caring/Considerate.
 The "Emily's" decided they would swim because the sun was out! Silly girls! It's cold!!
 Daniel got in too!
This is what my hubbie got me at the "Re-Store" I am sanding and using chalkboard paint on some and using my Silhouette on some others!
Here is Daniel frosting and putting sprinkles on his cupcake for his Valentines party
Katelyn went with a chocolate covered strawberry on top!
These are my little Katie Bug's! Oops, I mean Katelyn's. She doesn't like us calling her that anymore :(
 And here are my strawberries! Can you say YUMMY? I dipped some in just in chocolate, some in toasted coconut and then some in salty bacon. Oh my gosh! They were amazing!!! I think this is why my pants are getting tighter :)

That's it for now. I have been working on some other projects with my Super Fab Silhouette! I will try to share later.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Shower Brags!

Oh how I have missed hanging out and blogging! I have been so busy since school started. I have two brand new books and a class I haven't taught in a long time. time is not my own anymore :)
But I have a few minutes today so I thought I would share a cute rag tag blanket I made for a baby shower as well as some fun "cupcake clothes" I created with my super fab Silhouette.

 So...below are my first fun creations with my Silhouette. But as fun as they were, I am still totally obsessed with baking. I made chocolate cupcakes with a homemade buttercream and used m y new Wilton tips to pipe the swirled blue and white buttercream. Oh, they were sooo finger lickin' good!


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