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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today was the day that we were going to take pictures with our cousins. We took all day to get ready.We painted our nails,put curlers in our hair and washed our new shirts because there were some wrinkles. Grandma Jill will take our curlers out later. We are all hoping it turns out good. Our cousins are Camryn, Kyra, and Maeli. After pictures Camryn and maybe Kyra will sleep over. I hope the pictures turn out good for Mom and Dad. I wonder what they are doing right now. They called us this morning and they said they were going to go snorkeling for a while. I'll write back after pictures.See you later.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Saying Goodbye.

It had come. The time when Mom and Dad had to leave on their cruise ship. We all had a hard time saying goodbye. OK maybe it was just hard for Daniel. We all took a couple pics close to the ship. Then Mom and Dad checked in and went onto the ship and waved. The ship didn't leave right then and there it left at like 5:00. We came home and on the way home both Daniel and Katelyn fell asleep. We went on the slip n slide to cool off then went on a scavenger hunt to find Kitty also known as Flower.Then we got wet again and ate tacos. Well I better go,Millie the dog really want me to play with her.I will right back when more happens.Bye!

~ Emily

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One More Day!

One more day! I am so excited because we are leaving early. Were leaving at like 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. In the morning we will probably pack then eat. After we are ready we will take Pudgy to Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Kenny's house. They have dogs that Pudgy likes to play with. So then we will head out. I just can't wait I think I will go to bed a little early tonight. The whole entire trip will be fun, except that it takes like 4-5 hours to get there.Plus to go home takes a couple of hours. I think we might bring our snow cone machine with us if it is in the hundreds. Grandma Jill has a cute pug that is always excited when we come over. Her name is Milly. Lots of our Aunts and Uncles have pets. I think it is time for a break.I will probably post some more at Grandma Jill's house.See you soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Five More Days to go!

We have five more days until we head down south. Mom and Dad are going on a cruise they had won called Carnival Paradise. So that means Daniel, Katelyn, and I are staying with Grandma Jill and Grandpa Nick for a couple of days. I am so excited. I wanted to pack two days ago. I am really glad we are going to see our family but I am really going to miss Pudgy because we haven't left her alone since Rocky died. Mom's friends are going to come and take care of her. We are all going to have a blast. At Grandmas we will do all kinds of things like golfing, going to the arcade, the beach and maybe the movies. We are also going to be taking pictures with our cousins Kyra, Camryn, and Maeli. Hopefully we also get to play with our cousins Megan, Molli, and Wyatt. Mom and Dad will be doing a lot to.They will swim, play and relax. They might go out to eat somewhere fancy. Mom will probably tan. I bet there is even a spa. They are going to be gone for four or five days so I will really miss them. We haven't been away from both of them for that long before. We finally get to do some bonding time with the family. I really look forward to going and so does everybody else. I am so excited! I think I will start packing in three or four days. Katelyn wants to pack right now. I think it is almost time to go but a couple more things: I hope Pudgy stays safe and so does Mom and Dad. Well bye now. I will tell you more after the trip or maybe even post from Grandma's computer while I am there.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks in Selma

Fun night with friends


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