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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I found another amazing blog. I have been stalking her since 2am. OK not every minute since then, but really you have to go and see for yourself at Ruffles and Stuff

Her name is Disney. really it is. But you will have to go to her site and read more. She is so stinkin cute! So is her little girl (model of all that's supper fabulous for children)
I came across her Ruffles (and up-cycled) T-Shirt Scarf and couldn't resist making my own. 
Go here  and see her darling scarf for her daughter.

Here is mine :)
 Here is my lil Katelyn using my scraps to make a head band.
 Look what a great job she did!!! She is a much better model than me!

Beautiful girl :)

Thanks Disney for the tutorial! Katelyn and I had a fun time :)
If/when I get permission, I will post a tutorial here for you all to see. I did a different bottom that I thought would be fun :)
Have a good night!


  1. Oh, and I also really like your hair with bangs. Also so cute!

  2. Those scarfs are way cute! I'm gonna have to try that out! Thanks for sharing! :) (I'm a friend of your moms :), didn't know you had a blog.) :)

  3. Thank you Debi. I just love all of your creations. My girls would love the TuTu Dresses! So darn cute. I also love all the chenille, your hanky girls shirt and the hanky purses. Oh, and your friend Iris has the most amazing aprons! I think I may need to get the yellow cupcake apron since baking cupcakes is my most recent passion!
    I loved reading about your family. I pray that little Emma has recovered and is doing well. Have a blessed day!

  4. This design would be adorable for a blanket/throw! Imagine it in pinks & pastels... So darling. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love that you visited me,
    I love this idea for almost anything you want to add to a creative piece, ruffles are so in right now you see them everywhere. Tell your beautiful little one she did a fabulous job!! I want one!!! :)


  6. Oh thanks so much for the love:)
    We would LOVE to send you one! What are your favorite colors to wear?



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