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Saturday, August 23, 2008

So-Long Summer...

Well, the first day of school finally arrived. You can see that at least two of our children were happy to start the day! Daniel was upset because he could not walk to school (His school is at least 6 blocks away!!!)
Katelyn and Ethan Milton waiting for their teacher to arrive. These two have been buds since Kindergarden - they have been in the same class every year and have played on the same soccer team the last few years as well!
This past Tursday we decided to sign Daniel up for soccer. Even though we had our reservations about him being a bit young we took him to his first practice. Our friends are coaching the team and encouraged us to join their team. Their daughter Serena and another boy from Daniel's class are both the same age as Daniel and are both on the team. So, we'll see...
Daniel didn't like that another boy took the ball away from him. This could pose a problem.Thankfully he got back out there and joined his friends.
He is pretty good when he focuses on the ball.
We will keep you posted!

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