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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Fun

We have been spending much of our time on the lake this year.  
Daniel loves to tube and always has a smile on his face! 
Katelyn's a bit more serious on the boat :) 
I can't believe my first born is almost 12! (beautiful girl too) 
Momma skiing 
Katelyn got a good ride on the wakeboard and left me hanging by the shore waiting for a pick up :) 
Cutest flag guy ever!!! 
Emily's first time up on the skis!!!! Way to go! 
The kids are so impressed when Matt skis (me too :) )
The lake is about 99% full here and completely covering the bathroom at Island Park Campground. 
Here's a shot from the dam, again showing how much water there is this year!
We are so blessed to have a boat and a lake so close by that we can just head up a for a few hours of fun whenever we want. Good, clean family fun :)


  1. Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while. LOVE the pics of you guys on the boat and skiing! Way to go Emily and Katelyn! <3

  2. Sound like a lot of fun wow Emily you actually did it I would have been scared and bailed

    Anna Reed



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