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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't try this at home! (Weekend Adventures part 3)

So, if you have children old enough to watch iCarly, you know who Spencer is and what his specialty food is, right? For weeks my girls had been asking me to make something particular for dinner. Look at "Sunday's" meal below.
 Spaghetti-Tacos (yes, you read that right-Gross, with a capital G). So, I finally gave in on Sunday evening. I made a big bowl of spaghetti and fried up some taco shells.
 Doesn't that look good? (Um, not really my cup of tea)
 But Katelyn liked it...
And Emily liked it...
But Daniel and I stuck with plain old spaghetti.
Then my sweet girl even did the dishes (don't you just love her outfit?)

Here is a peek at our other adventure this weekend-exploring a friend's land in Clarks Valley.
 Can you see how the rock side sheered off? Very cool
 An unhappy little guy - his feet were wet :(
 But, a bubble bath makes it aaaalllllllll better!


  1. I refuse to show my kids how cool you are by making Spencer's spaghetti tacos. They asked me once and I flat out told them no way! :)

  2. Oooh, spaghetti tacos? Doesn't sound too good. Katelyn's outfit is pretty funny. Love the pics from Clark Valley! Really great! Love you guys!



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