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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Favorite Snack

O.K. A little quiz:

What …

Is low in fat

Packs a powerful protein punch

Is fun to eat

(even by kids)

Is a tasty treat?

Give up?

It’s not chocolate!

It’s a vegetable!

It’s Edamame

(Pronounced “eh-duh-MAH-may”)

And my kids think it’s the greatest snack ever! We go through a bag almost every day! So, it was quite funny when we were watching the Food Network last night, after gobbling down our Edamame snack, and Alton Brown started talking about this versatile “wonder food.”

Edamame is a green vegetable, found in a pod which is more commonly referred to as a soybean. “Edamame” really means "Beans on Branches," and grows in clusters on bushy branches.

Some even suggest a diet including soybean protein may help to prevent and treat hypertension, reduce LDL or "bad" cholesterol, raise HDL or "good" cholesterol, and may help to maintain blood sugar levels.

Edamame can be served hot or cold. Many like to snack on them with an Ice cold mug of beer, instead of peanuts or pretzels. But really, the ways to prepare and eat Edamame are only as limited as your imagination. With a quick search online I came across recipes for salsa, avocado Edamame dip, Edamame Brittle, Roasted Edamame Salad, and more.

But my family just likes the simple solution: Boil with salt, cool until you don’t burn your tongue, then push or suck the beans out of the pod and into your mouth and throw away the outer skin or shell. Yum-O!!!

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