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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Silly Stuff on an overcast day!

As I was perusing some fabulous blogs today
I found some really great ideas, tips, suggestions, etc. Whoa!

I made a list!
(Because that's what I do)!

Background ideas
Cool Crafts
Tips on Design
Sewing Patterns
One word resolutions
Freebies-lots of Freebies!
(I will post links and buttons a bit later)

I came across one Fab Mom who shared Silly things she does whith her kiddos.
One idea caught my eye.
She has her little ones go to one room of the house with an umbrella.
 Then she tries to catch a picture of their face.
Easy enough, right?

Well, not with my children!
What's the name of the game?
Who wins? How?
How long do we play?
So...I had them pose for a picture
Then I rethought the game and made some of my own rules.
Still didn't work with these three.
So...I changed plans altogether.
How about Freeze Tag?
So here are some pics of the Silly Stuff we did on this overcast day. 

First, Katelyn had to decide by "eenie, meenie, miinie, moe"
who would tag first

Then the FUN began!



Go Daniel!



Pudgy wanted to play too

Daniel counting

Then I made them pose for a few more shots ("AHHH Mooommm")

Pudgy was happy to obey

O.K. so I am NOT a great photographer,
but with Photoshop I could probably get them all smiling in the same picture
(That is, if I had Photoshop!) 

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